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Officially born in 2017, Wav Events and Entertainment spent a long four years in creation. From the streets of Minneapolis to the pavement of Manhattan, all across the desert of Arizona and just about anywhere in between, you will have found the humble makings of what has finally launched WAV.

Beginning as teammates as early as the seventh grade, to attending rival high schools, to being over two thousand miles apart in college. The WAV co-founders have been laying the groundwork and breaking way into the new WAV of entertainment for over ten years. Focused on bridging the gap between fans and their favorite Artists. As well as, building relationships throughout our respected communities. WAV emphasizes the need to build our communities with positivity, and we pride ourselves on our dedicated work of improving those communities we have the privilege of reaching.

Here at WAV it is believed that while we all come from different walks of life, the need to be heard, seen, and a part of something bigger than ourselves lives among us all. That is why we welcome all to enjoy and engage in creating this WAV. We live in a modern world where it is becoming more acceptable to be different. Join us at @WAVsociety (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Snap Chat) to breakthrough, and make being unique and yourself the new norm. Let’s celebrate those difference through the universal language of music, art, and community. We encourage everyone who is a part of @WAVsociety to do a damn good job at being who you are, and build our communities with positivity and opportunity.

Create with us, grow with us, and CELEBRATE with us! Come be a part of something amazing, a part of the new WAV!

DISCLAIMER: Beer before liquor, you’ve never been sicker…